Try Parasailing On Your Next Beach Vacation

Parasailing is a recreational activity which people of all ages can enjoy. In this activity, a person gets towed behind a vehicle which willusually be a boat. Theperson is attached to a canopy that is specially designed. Learn More

Who are we

Professional parasailers

Parasailing is fun for all ages and we help you to experience this fun. We take care of all the safe regulations and have experts who are well trained andlicensed.Wehave thenecessary equipment for first time parasialers as well asthe professional parasailers.If this is your first time then we clear these myths for you. You do not need to swim and the experience is notlikeyouwouldexperiencein aroller coaster ride. You could choose to parasailwith afriend or ask us for a professionalcompany. We let you choosewhat you want to make sure that you enjoy your ride up in the air.

We guide on the equipment that you will be using. We teach you about the basic tools and educate you on the way the system works so that you feel safe when sailing. Every passenger has to weara life jacket in case they have to land on the water. We will provide a body harness which is attached to the tow bar. The bar is then attached to the chute. We take special precautions for our passengerssafety. Wind and water has to be ideal to have the bestparasailexperience and if any of these are not ideal we cancel oursail. If the winds are high it couldcausethe water to be choppywhichwill make the adventureunpleasant for our passengers. So if the day is not bright and the sky not clear we do not operate on those days.

We have the best and well trained crew who are there to offeranyassistancethat you may need. We teach you the hand and the arm signs in case you wish to communicatewith us once in the air. We also offer you amicrophone in order tocommunicatefrom the air but incase of any malfunction we recommend our passengers to understand the signalswell. So do check our reviews on the website and othersocial media sites and then join us for a fun parasailing experience.